Friday, October 21, 2005

Younger Generation of Mauritians, Rodriguans and Seychellois-leading the way

History has a way of taking care of things. A decade ago, the younger generation did not want to know or were not motivated at all to speak creole or learn about the Mauritian, Rodriguan or Seychellois culture / history. In some cases, even the older generation kept clear of cultural issues and took great care to avoid bringing up and / or promote their cultural history / background.

Today, I am very happy to notice that the younger Mauritians, Rodriguans and Seychellois (starting with my own grand children) have removed the cultural barriers and are in fact very interested in their ancestry and cultural background. They are also very very proud of their ancestry. Various associations have seen the day and all or them are promoting our rich cultural history in different ways. What is even more amazing is that the younger generation is generally devoid of any prejudice related to race and or cultural backgrounds.

I have great trust in this younger generation. Let us actively engage with them and redouble our efforts to support them in their quest for a brighter future.

Clancy J Philippe

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