Friday, September 17, 2010

Jean Claude Cimiotti-Le Metteur en Scene

Question: What is the most precious of your childhood memories?
Answer: My most precious childhood memories are the 14 years of country life which I enjoyed during my youth. As my Father was a Station Master in the Mauritius Railways, he worked in several rural regions in Mauritius namely in Roche-Bois, Cluny, Petite Riviere. I will never forget those years of country life during my childhood. This has allowed me to learn at a very young age the hardship of manual work and to appreciate the joy of harvesting the fruits of my labour.

Question: When did you or your parents migrate to Australia?
Answer: My Wife Nicole and I and our four children Bruno, Aldo, Franco and Sonia left Mauritius on 31st December 1982 and landed in Australia on NewYear day 1st January 1983.

Question: What is it that you like most about the Australian way of life?
Answer: The easy going way of Australians. The freedom of speech of the Media. The fact that you can show your preference for a political party without the fear of reprisals.

Question: What did you do in your first job or occupation?
Answer: My first job was as a secondary school teacher. Then I joined the Ministry of Lands as Assistant Land Surveyor.

Question: What are / were your career highlights?
Answer: 1965 :- Assistant Land Surveyor Ministry of Lands, Mauritius
1968:- Awarded a scholarship to study Aerial Survey in The Netherlands
1970:- Obtained Diploma in Photogrammetric Engineering
1971:- Appointed Quays Superintendent in Marine Services, Mauritius
1976:- Appointed Port Manager in the Mauritius Ports Authority
1983:- Migrated to Australia
1984:- Joined Australian Customs Service in Melbourne
1995:- Promoted Customs Inspector in the Australian Customs Service
1998-99:- Worked as Port Consultant for Mauritius Ports Authority in Port Louis
2000:- In charge of Securities section in the Australian Customs Service
2005:- Retired from Australian Customs Service

Question: What is your favourite book?
Answer: "Les Misérables" of Victor Hugo
Why?..... because in "Les Misérables" you can find " Toute la grandeur et la fureur et la douleur de la conscience humaine."

Question: What do you like most in people?
Answer: Loyalty, Frankness, Punctuality and good manners.

Question: Who do you admire most?
Answer: I have never practised "Le culte de la personalité."

Question: What is your favourite dish?
Answer: Rice & Daube "Grois pois" with tripes & a Chatiny coco.

Question: What is your most valuable trait / personal quality?
Answer: I am a perfectionist and always aim to achieve the best in everything I undertake or do.

Question: Tell us about your most worthwhile achievement(s)?
Answer: Having obtained my Phogrammetric Diploma in 1970.
Working as Port Consultant in 1998 & 1999 on the New Port project in Mauritius.
2004:- Publishing a 300 page book on the Genealogy of the Cimiotti Family.
2007:- Publishing my Autobiography.
Presenting to my fellow-countrymen in Melbourne some opérettes in French.

Question: What is the most memorable moment in your life?
Answer: The day I landed on Australian soil with my wife Nicole and my four children to settle permanently in this wonderful country.

Question: If you could wave a magic wand and do something that you desire most, what would it be?
Answer: I would not use the magic wand because then I would have got something for which I have not put any effort in obtaining. For me the greatest joy and reward is to reap after you have put in some effort.

Question: What is most precious to you at this point in your life?
Answer: My wife and my Children & GrandChildren.

Question: What are your plans for the future?
Answer: To attend the 100th Birthday of my Mother in 2013 in Mauritius.
To celebrate with my wife our Golden Jubilee in 2014.


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    C'est plaisant de lire l'entrevue d'une personne qu'on a cotoyee, meme durant une petite annee.
    Bonjour Monsieur et Madame Cimiotti

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    You are also a reputable and highly respected musician if I remember...well:-)