Monday, March 21, 2011

Recipes from Madeleine

Recipes from Madeleine
Many have written to me expressing their sadness at Madeleine's departure from this world and support for me and the family during these difficult times. The family and myself are extremely appreciative of this. Support that poured in from everywhere well and truly helped in coping with her death.

As reported previously, the compilation of the great majority of the recipes for 'Recipes from Mauritius" involved intensive discussions between Madeleine and myself about the cooking techniques and the intent of the original recipes. I learned a lot from Madeleine from these discussions. I also have a collection of draft recipes that are yet to be published. Her approach to Mauritian cuisine was directed at retaining this unique Mauritian taste and aroma that can only come from true Mauritian cuisine. She literally disliked the modern approach whereby shortcuts are introduced mostly for commercial expediency. "True Mauritian cuisine comes from the heart" she said.
The Recipes from Mauritius website recently underwent a major update and that resulted in visits increasing by 1500 daily. These days, the Mauritius Australia Connection portal web site, incorporating the Recipes from mauritius web site, receives in excess of 5000 visits daily. That is, 1.8 millions visitors annually.
I am currently have on my project list the following tasks:
1. Writing a book titled "Living and Coping with Cancer-I will always love you" on Madeleine's battle with breast, ovarian, secondary breast and metastatic ovarian cancers, including its impact on Madeleine and sharing our experience with others facing a similar predicament.
2. Upgrading the Mauritius Australia Connection web site into a format similar to the Recipes from Mauritius format.
3. Writing a book on Mauritian Cuisine transmitting Madeleine's legacy on Mauritian Cuisine.
4. Establishing a web site entitled "Les Bonnes Manieres" reflecting Madeleine's advice on good manners that she dearly passed on to her family, especially the grand children. Something that is clearly missing in this modern day of TV dinners.
On a personal note, it has extremely hard coping with her departure. However, she still lives on in our heart. The above projects hopefully will assist in accepting her departure from this world. We all miss her wonderful presence. As per this famous Malagasy saying: The departed ones never die if we keep them alive in our thoughts."

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