Friday, July 22, 2011

Mauritian Foods in Dandenong, Vic, Australia

66 Hemmings Street, Dandenong, Vic, Australia

Green Coriander Cafe, Walker Street Hub Arcade, Walker Street, Dandenong, Vic, Australia
Mauritian dishes, including dal pouris and faratas can be purchased from Mauritian Food at 66 Hemmings Street in Dandenong. They also sell other Mauritian goodies such as achards and crushed chillies. This shop is run by the very popular Dario Lahausse.

Similarly, Nitin Patrichot runs the Green Coriander Cafe in the Walker Street Hub Arcade in Dandenong (near Dandenong Plaza), where you can also purchase a variety of Mauritian dishes such as vindaye ourite plus other Mauritian goodies. The latter establishment also has a very nice restaurant setting where you can enjoy these Mauritian dishes.

Their Mauritian foods will bring to you this special Mauritian taste. Next time you want to enjoy Mauritian foods at home without the trouble to cook, just drop in and order some takeaways. Their prices are reasonable. In order to keep them going and offer more Mauritian foods at very competitive prices, drop in and support them. Tell them that you read about their establishments from the Mauritius Australia Connection-Caripoule Mauritian Food Blog and they may give you a discount.

Bon Appetit.

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